Summer in Longiarù

During summer nature shows its very best. Farmers are engaged in hay harvest, cows and sheep pasture in the high mountains.

We recommend the “roda dles viles”, a path among rural farmer settlements, or an excursion on one of the many tracks that lead to the natural park Puez-Odle and to the mountain huts where you can enjoy a good meal after a long walk.

Our woods represent an ideal place for mushroom harvest or also just a good choice to refresh yourself during hot summer days, maybe reading a good book under a tree. You can find there also a beautiful grill place, to spend some time with your friends.

For sportsmen we suggest a beach-volley or a football match, game fishing on the little lake or along the Longiarù river, a mountain bike excursion or climbing in the rock gym.

Horse lovers will appreciate the Sitting Bull Ranch, equipped for every kind of excursion. Man and horse, nature joins up.